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meeting place for american converts to islam

shukrallah - meeting place for american converts t
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Assalamu Alaikum! This is a community for those interested in topics that American converts to Islam face on a daily basis, whether living in the States or abroad. However, it is open for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to discuss pressing issues that are related to Islam, its practices, and its culture.

This is a place where you may discuss:
1. Your interest in Islam and questions you may have if you are non-Muslim.
2. Your story of how you came to Islam.
3. Immediate issues that you have faced before/during/after converting.
4. Both positive and negative experiences you have faced within the ummah (Muslim community).
5. Issues about which you may be "confused" or "torn."
6. How you have adapted to life as a Muslim within American culture.
7. Hopes you may have about changing the ummah into a more positive society.
8. How you are directly making changes in the ummah and beyond (through activism, teaching, etc.)

This is NOT the place:
1. To practice bigotry or fight over politics
2. Use crude language
3. Disrespect other members
4. Argue over different sects or maddhabs

***In order to keep this as open as possible, please respect these guidelines, and make sure to stay on topic as much as possible when posting***